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Beesneez Sally

This is my go to mic for a lot of vocals, it has a very rich and detailed sound with great headroom and smooth high end.

Audix ‘D’ Series range

Great all-rounder dynamic mics, really suited for drum shells (kick, snare, toms) but are very versatile and have many other uses.

(Audix D6, D4, D2 and i5)

Sennheiser MD421-N

This is one of the original 60’s mics and sounds great for many applications, really good on floor tom, vocals, guitar and bass cabs.  Very versatile mic.


M 930 small diaphragm condenser mics.  Great for drum overheads or anything  where a stereo pair is required, they have a very full sound with lots of depth and body.

M201 dynamic. This mic is very useful for getting a punchy snare sound with lots of bottom end, also great on hi hat and guitars.

Heil PR40

Classed as in the same range as mics such as the Shure SM7b or the EV-RE20 although I find it has more top end than those mics and a slightly more ‘scooped’ sound. Great tom mics, voiceover mics and good for ‘modern’ acoustic guitar sounds.


More mic’s are always being added to the locker as I upgrade and expand.

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