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Recording Rates

Standard day rate is £150 a day (usually 10am-6pm although this can be negotiated). Prices can be negotiated depending on the bands needs and how many days are booked.

If you don’t need a full day I charge £20 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours booking time.

I can also do evening recordings (6pm onwards) totally live for demos, etc. These I do for £15 an hour  with a minimum of 3 hours booking time.


Mixing I charge at £15 a song for offline mixing (where I mix it without the band present) this includes 2 revisions.  Or, if the band wish to sit in on the mix I have to charge my daily or hourly recording rate.  I would usually advise that if the band want to be present that I am allowed some time myself to clean up the tracks ready for mixing before the band come in to make suggestions.

Online mixing

If you have recorded your tracks elsewhere I am happy to mix them for you. I will do this for £20 a track but there will be offers so contact me first.  Ideally contact me prior to recording so I can say what I’d like from you to make the mixing job easier.


While I have done mastering in the past I prefer the band go with a trusted mastering engineer as the results are usually a lot better.  See links for mastering engineers I recommend.

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