Stuck on a Name Studios

Nottingham recordings studio & rehearsal rooms

About SOAN

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Stuck On A Name is a recording studio and practice rooms based just outside Nottingham city centre. We have recorded many band’s over the years including Army of Flying Robots, Flatlands, House of Brothers, Basement, Moloch, Internal Conflict, Burnt Earth, What Price, Wonderland?, Jimmy Bower (Down/Crowbar) and many, many more.

Along with recording we also put on DIY/hardcore shows that are usually donation run/all money taken goes to the bands playing.

I don’t consider myself a producer, my aim is to make your band sound like you.  I will record to how you as a band feel most comfortable and that will give the best results for you.  This can be anything from full live recording all in the same room to recording completely separately with click tracks and ghost tracks.

Please see the categories above for rates and what we offer.  I will be regularly updating this with the goings on of the studio (both recording and gig-wise) unless I completely forget, which is very possible.

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